Create a personal fundraising Campaign

Campaigns are where all the charitable activity happens on Benojo. As well as contributing to existing campaigns, individuals can create their own Fundraising campaigns too. Running a marathon, swimming an ocean swim, or going to shave off all your hair, and want to seek fundraising? Create a Fundraiser. And remember - we don’t take any fees out of your donations so ALL your money goes to the charity, less Stripe card processing fees. (What’s Stripe?)

Here's a walkthrough of how to create your own personal fundraising campaign

  • From your menu, select ‘Start Fundraising’. You will then see all fields available for completion to give your Campaign life:
  • Title: Give it a descriptive title (this helps it get found both on Benojo and on search engines). Include what are you doing and who will benefit, i.e. A Marathon Run For Cancer Research. Make it catchy!
  • Cause: Choose the charity which will benefit from your Benojo campaign
  • I want to start my own fundraiser. Uncheck to find peer to peer campaigns set up by this cause: If you uncheck this, you can see a range of templates set up by this cause to help you.  These are called peer to peer campaigns.  If none are there, feel free to get in touch with the cause and ask them to set something up for you.
  • What Am I Asking For And Why: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? What can you do to help, and what do I hope we’ll achieve? Be positive and compelling to motivate people to help.
  • Country: Select the Country you want your Campaign to show up under. So if you live in Australia but are running a marathon in the United States, you will probably want to choose Australia, where your network is based. You can choose the region that suits the location of your event, or the majority of your intended contributors.
  • Location: Where will the activity take place, or is the Cause you’re fundraising for based? You can be specific (if you want your supporters to come down and support you on the day) or simply add a city or suburb name.
  • Dates and times: Select the time you want your campaign to be live from and to.

enlightened If it’s a marathon, for example, start your Campaign today! It’s never too soon...but likewise you’ll want your network to be able to find it after the event is over, for those late donations, so we suggest making the end date a week or more after you’ve completed your challenge.

  • Donation goal: Check the box if you have a goal to reach, otherwise leave this blank
  • Banner: Upload an image (or video) for your Campaign. Campaigns with a strong image will catch the eye and attract more contributors. Banner images have a 3:1 width to height ratio and should be at least 1000px wide. They should not exceed 20Mb.
  • Timezone: Choose the region that suits the location of your event, or the majority of your intended contributors
  • Finally, don't forget to Save your new Benojo campaign, which saves it as draft: You can come back and edit your draft at any time from your profile page, or if you’re ready now, go straight to
  • ...Publish

yes Congratulations! You have just created a Fundraiser to support your chosen charity - be sure to share this as widely as you can. Good luck!

  • Want to make changes to your Campaign, Upload photos or add comments? Go for it. The handily-named Edit and Delete buttons let you do just that, as do the Upload Photo and Comments options. Note that you can’t delete a campaign once activity has taken place, i.e. someone has donated, only Close it. See our FAQs for more information on that.
  • Campaign finished? All your expected fundraising collected? Make sure you Close your Campaign. Apart from good housekeeping, this is your opportunity to write a closing statement, telling everyone who supported you how the fundraiser went, what was raised, and what they helped you and your nominated Cause achieve. Saying thanks has never been so easy. And if you’ve uploaded photos to your campaign, it’s a good way to share them with your supporters via your Campaign page. When you hit Save on your closing message, it is automatically emailed out to all your Benojo supporters. Cool hey!

enlightened You will see volunteering and ticketing campaigns in Benojo which were created by companies or charities. However, as an individual you may only create fundraising campaigns.

How does someone know this Campaign is yours? Well, it features your name, and profile picture if you have one!