Creating your Cause on Benojo

Are you a Cause looking to achieve even further greatness? We'd love to have you join Benojo. It's totally FREE for you to use Benojo, and we use the lowest fee payment gate in Australia, Stripe, to process your donations, meaning more money goes where it's doing good. (What is Stripe?). Check out to find out more.  

Ready for your Charity or Cause to join Benojo? Let's get you set-up!

If you haven’t already, follow the instructions in Get Started to Create an Account.

Once done, pop an email to and we’ll confirm your Cause's details, and then activate you as an Administrator for your Cause. When you next sign in, you'll be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions on behalf of your Cause, and away you go!

You will now also see a  Administration menu at the top of the page. This drop down menu will allow you to administer on behalf of your Cause. Full help documentation is available from there too via the Admin Guide menu option.

Need other Admins? Just have them do likewise. There is no limit to how many admins you can have.