Browse or search for a charitable Campaign

Browse charitable campaigns

You'll find all the latest campaigns on the Benojo hub home page (, also known as Get Involved.

Use the Filters panel to sort Campaigns according to what you're interested in:

  • What do you want to do? I Want To:
    • ​Volunteer
    • Donate
    • Attend Events
    • Adopt (Company) - This allows company admins to view only campaigns that can be adopted
    • See All - why limit yourself?! This will be the default option.
  • Who was the Campaign Started By: You'll see this if you are associated to a Company. You can sort by just those Campaigns your Company set-up by checking your Company's name, or select Everyone to see all Campaigns, which is the default.
  • Be Matched: This will match Campaigns to your profile preferences. Selecting My Causes or My Interests will match available campaigns based on your profile selections...or you can See All, which  is the default here.
  • Location: Want to just see Campaigns in Australia? No need to change this setting then, as that's the default here.
  • Status: Just want to see Current Campaigns? That's your default. Want to see those in the past too? Check All.

If your Company is using Benojo, you can also see all your Company-initiated campaigns from the Company profile page. Just click the Your Company logo or select it from the dropdown menu.

enlightenedWhat ranks highest in your search results? If your filters are in default position on the Get Involved page, you will see results based on your Company first (if you are associated to a Company on Benojo), followed by your Connected Causes and Areas of Interest, as selected in your personal Profile.

Search for a campaign

Alternatively, type keywords into the search box at the top of the page to find a campaign you want to contribute towards, such as Run, Cancer, or Melbourne.

View campaign details

Clicking on the Benojo campaign will reveal all the details about what's going on. You'll find lots of information, such as:

  • Details about the charity who is benefiting from the Benojo campaign
  • What they are doing - what’s the event or need, and why are they doing it
  • What they need from you - this is what you can do to help
  • An address and map, if something's happening in a specific location
  • Contributions so far - whether donations, tickets purchased or who’s volunteered so far
  • Information about the charity which created the Benojo campaign
  • Comments from others, or from you if you feel like adding your voice

Options to Get involved

When you find a campaign that you want to contribute to, simply click one of these buttons:

Share the love

Give your friends and family the opportunity to get involved too - share the campaign page on your favourite social media networks or by email.

Need more information?

Just hit this button

enlightenedIn a hurry? Want to Donate without signing up or in? No problem...just hit the Donate button and complete your name, email, payment and address details quickly and easily. If you sign up in future using the same email address, Benojo will recognise any previous payment/s you've made and add them to your personal profile...neat hey!