Find a charitable cause

If you're seeking a particular charity or cause who have a profile on Benojo, simply enter their name in the search bar. If they're not there, you can find other great causes to give to by browsing via interest areas or use the Suggest a cause menu item under your named menu. We'll then get them on for you.

Once you've found a cause you want to support, clicking on Follow from the small view or the campaign view adds them to your profile as a new charity you’re connected to. This means that you'll see their campaigns on your home page and be notified any time they have something new for you to do.

Want to support another Cause?

Interested in a Cause or an area of interest that is yet to be represented on Benojo? Use our Suggest a cause option, also under Causes on your drop down menu.

We’ll reach out to them and invite them to get onboard. We can’t promise they’ll join our platform, but we’ll certainly ask them.

This video explains how to request a charity that's not yet on Benojo: