Record Non-Benojo Contributions

Have you made a donation, sponsored someone, or volunteered your time for a campaign not hosted on Benojo? You can record that contribution on your Benojo profile, so all your giving activity is consolidated in one place.

  • From your menu, select ‘Record Contributions
  • Click the big Record Contribution button

Select the Cause you made the contribution to, and the nature of the contribution:

Once you've selected Volunteer or Donation, more options will appear depending on your selection:

For Volunteering:

  • Description: What was it you did? This needs to make sense to both you and the Cause you volunteered for.
  • Time Given (Hours): How many hours did you give in total?
  • Start Date and End Date: Select the time period your contribution spanned

For Donations:

  • Description: What was it you did? This needs to make sense to both you and the Cause you donated to.
  • Reference / Receipt No: This will be on your tax receipt you should have been sent. If you don't have a tax receipt - i.e. it was a coin collection, give any further details here.
  • Amount: How much was your contribution?
  • Donation Date: When did you make the donation?

Hit Save and your donation will be added to your giving dashboard.

enlightened Cause you contributed to not yet on Benojo? Simply Request a Cause and we'll reach out and invite them to join's always free for Causes to join Benojo.