Set up your personal profile

Everyone on Benojo is special and has their own personal profile. Here's how you make it yours:

  • Log in using the username and password you chose when you registered
  • Select the Your Profile icon, or Profile from your named dropdown menu top right.

Not much to see yet is there? Let's change that via this button 

  • Add a Profile Picture - this is what people will see when you interact with them on Benojo
  • Update your name if applicable
  • About Me: Input a bit of information about why you want to give, and what's important to you in the world of good
  • Select your gender (some volunteering opportunities are gender-specific)
  • Change your email if you wish

    mail If you change your email, you'll need to reconfirm it by clicking on the validation email sent to your inbox

  • Add your address; you can use your work or personal as preferred
  • Add your work employee number, if applicable
  • Choose your skill-set/s - this is what you have to offer a cause from a skilled volunteering perspective, areas in which you can offer help and skills
  • Cause categories I want to give you: Select your own personal areas of giving interest. This will in future help display campaigns most relevant to what you want to see
  • Select any qualifications which may add value to giving opportunities, such as First Aid or Army Reserve.
  • The Causes I Support: Choose any charities who have a profile with Benojo who you wish to connect with. Connecting simply means you see their available Campaigns, and their icon will show in your profile panel, showing your support for that Cause
  • You can select to 'hide campaigns I've given to on my public profile' if you wish them to remain private.

Don't forget to when you're done.

Remember, you can change any of your personal information whenever you like by coming back to 

Your personal giving dashboard

Once you start giving on Benojo, you'll see your personal dashboard stats at the top of your profile page begin to populate to show all the good you are doing. You'll also see that you are able to download reports showing all your contributions across an Australian tax year. 

Your Contributions report provides you with a detailed breakdown of all your giving activity. A downloadable csv file, fields include Donated ($), Volunteered (hours), tickets purchased, Cost of those tickets, Campaign name, and Cause name.

Your Tax Deductible report provides you with a summary of all tax deductible donations for tax time. So anything you have donated to a Benojo campaign is detailed here. The csv file fields includes date of donation, amount, campaign name and cause benefited.