Benojo Overview

Welcome to Benojo! This page is your all-in-one-place brief overview of all the features available to you via the Benojo platform. For more details on each feature, click through to the dedicated help pages linked below, or from the sidebar where help pages are organised by section.

Get Started

  • We'll send an email authentication link to your inbox – click it to confirm your email address and to give you access to all Benojo features.

  • On your first visit to Benojo, you’ll be directed to customise your Benojo homepage, and set some giving goals for the year ahead if you wish, such as how many hours you'd like to volunteer, and how much you may wish to donate. It's just 2 quick screens and will make your future homepage experience more applicable to you.  If you don’t wish to complete it, simply click the Benojo logo to go to the can come back to it from your My giving menu via Settings.

  • The My giving drop-down menu gives you access to all your giving options. Select Settings to complete your personal details on the General and Profile tabs. Completing these will further affect the options and campaigns you see on your homepage so resist the urge to skip this step!

  • Also from the Settings tabs:
    • Account: Link to your Facebook account, and change your password.
    • Company: Using Benojo for work: Join or Leave your Company's giving program here
    • Payroll giving: If your Company runs a Payroll giving program, find out more and join here
    • Recurring payments: Have regular giving set up via a credit or debit card? Make changes here.
    • Intentions: Set or amend your giving goals for the year ahead.

Get Involved

  • Profile complete, and ready to do some good? Access your homepage from any page via the top left Benojo (or your Company) logo. Here you can view ring fenced campaigns customised according to your preferences, grouped as follows:

  • Give with your company: If your Company is using Benojo, these are your Company-supported campaigns.
  • Give with your workmates: Again on a Company plan, next you'll see personal fundraising campaigns initiated by your colleagues.
  • Give to your causes: These are current campaigns from Connected causes selected when you set-up your Profile in Settings - Profile.
  • Explore areas you care about: These are campaigns matching the Areas of Interest you selected when you set your Intentions, or add them via Settings - Profile. 
  • Explore campaigns near you: These are campaigns available within 50km of your home address - or work address if you haven't entered a home address. You can add this via Settings - General.  
  • What’s hot: Shows recently contributed-to popular campaigns
  • What’s new: Recently published 'new' campaigns.

Missing any of the above groupings? Fill out the applicable fields in Settings - General and Settings - Profile to trigger them, and see campaigns matched to your selections.

  • Want to see more? Click Browse by area at the base of the page (or via your My giving menu) to see all Campaigns and Causes available for the things you care about, or use the search bar to find something specific.

  • Looking to set up your own fundraising campaign? Select Start fundraising from the menu and follow the prompts.

  • Profile is your personal profile page, set up via Settings; see your all-time giving data on your dashboard, how your giving goals are tracking against your Intentions set, download giving and tax time Reports, view current and previous campaigns you've contributed to, and your own campaigns created.

  • Want to view or record your Donations, Donation Matching, Volunteering, Tickets, Raised Funds or Payroll giving contributions Contributions allows you to record and manage everything in one place, including your giving activities completed off-Benojo.

  • Cause you want to support not on Benojo yet? Suggest a cause and we’ll invite them to come onboard…it’s always free for Causes to use Benojo.

  • Want to socially share your profile, that of a Cause you support, or a Campaign you’re contributing to? Hit the share icons and share away!

Got questions, or not sure how to do something? Check out the pages on this Help guide, or get in touch: