Closing your fundraising Campaign

Closing your Campaign

Fundraising Campaign finished? All expected fundraising collected?

Make sure you Close your Campaign. Apart from good housekeeping, and stopping your page getting clogged up with Campaigns that are now passed, Closing your Campaign is your opportunity to write a closing statement, telling everyone who supported it how the Campaign went, and what they helped to Impact Summary.

It's easy: 

Open the campaign page and click on the Admin button and then click Close.

You'll then be asked for a Closing Statement...this is the message you will be sending to your donors. What was achieved? What Impact and outcomes resulted from everyone's contribution? 

When you hit Save on your closing message, it is automatically emailed out to all your Benojo supporters. Cool hey? And if you’ve uploaded photos to the Campaign, it’s a good way to share them with your supporters, through the Campaign page.

Saying thanks has never been so quick and easy.