Joining in with an existing fundraiser - as an individual or team

Another option to creating your own fundraiser it to contribute to an existing campaign - which will have been setup by your chosen Cause or Company.  

To create your campaign from an existing charity or company campaign:

  • Search for the cause name or fundraising campaign you'd like to support and click into the campaign of choice
  • Click the Fundraise red button, and choose the Fundraise as individual or Fundraise as team option
  • Complete the required fields for your fundraiser, personalising it for your own campaign. Note that the can set up default text for your campaign so they've done the hard work for you, you just need to say why it matters to YOU and what it is YOU'RE doing, personally.  For a Team campaign, you can invite your team members as well as come up with a cool name and logo to brand the campaign.
  • Click Save, and when ready, make sure you Share it to all your potential donors, by either sharing the campaign's URL, or using the options available in the Share area on the campaign page, such as sharing to Facebook or via email
  • When people donate, you'll get notified and your supporters can leave messages you can respond to on the page.  Your fundraiser, depending on the campaign, will appear in Leaderboards on the original campaign under Teams or Fundraisers so you can see how the overall campaign is going.
  • If you want to make changes to your Campaign, upload photos or download a Campaign report showing all your donations, you can manage everything from the Administration menu on the campaign page. Note that you can’t delete a campaign once activity has taken place, i.e. someone has donated, only Close it. See our FAQs for more information on that.
  • Once your campaign has finished and all of your expected fundraising has been collected, make sure you Close your Campaign (note that the Cause will also provide a closing message saying what was achieved with your contributions). Apart from good housekeeping, this is your opportunity to write a thank you message, telling everyone who supported you how your campaign went, what was raised, and what they helped you and your nominated Cause achieve. Saying thanks has never been so easy. And if you’ve uploaded photos to your campaign, it’s a good way to share them with your supporters via your Campaign page. When you hit Save on your closing message, it is automatically emailed out to all your Benojo supporters. Cool hey!

enlightened You will see volunteering and ticketing campaigns in Benojo which were created by companies or charities. However, as an individual you may only create fundraising campaigns.