Creating your Company on Benojo

So you're interested in using Benojo for Business? Good for you! Setting your business up on Benojo couldn't be easier.  Getting involved in your favourite charity campaigns is so easy and it's free...

First thing you'll need to do is head over to and Sign up as a company which will also create your company administrator user (see Get Started).

When you want to subscribe to Benojo or talk to us about specific needs (like single sign-on, operating in multiple locations or offices or advanced giving types like pre-tax and automatic donations matching) you'll need to talk to us about a costing for your business's needs. The easiest way to get in touch is at or 1300 BENOJO (1300 236 656).

Want to change, add or remove your Company admins? Once your business is onboard, you can administer your users easily from your new Company Administration menu...and have access to our Company Admin user guide to hold your hand all the way.

If you have multiple office locations on Benojo, you can also have office-level admins who have access just to an individual office’s Benojo to us to find out how.