How To Donate

Making a donation on Benojo is super-straightforward. You can donate quickly and easily without creating a Benojo account or signing in if you wish.

Donating without signing up or in first:

  • If you received a link to a campaign by email or social media, click the link to arrive at the donation page. If not, you can browse campaigns or use the search box to find something or someone specific to give to. You can tell what type of campaign it is by the symbol on the red corner of the campaign card...a dollar sign for donation, ticket for purchases, or clock for volunteering.
  • Once you're on a donation campaign page, you'll see a big red Donate button - click it to go through to the donate page.

The first section of the page relates to your Donation:

  • Amount: Input how much you wish to donate to the campaign. Note there is a $10 minimum for donations.
  • Frequency: (cause donation page only) This allows you to set up a regular donation via your credit card.  Turning it on reveals a Recurring details area where you can specify how often to donate.  You can cancel this regular payment via the Recurring payments tab in your personal Settings area

Next you need to enter your debit or credit card Payment details:

  • Credit card number - enter the long number on the front of your chosen card
  • Credit card security code - This is the 3 digit number on the signature panel on the reverse of your card; if you're using Amex however, this is the 4-digit code on the front of your card above the card number
  • Expiry month and Expiry year: Also on the front of your card, select the month, followed by the year, displayed on your card
  • Billing address: This is the address at which your card is registered with your bank. If it's a company card, make sure you input the address at which the card is registered by your Company. Start typing and your address should appear. If your card is registered to a PO box or you don't see your address, you can enter it manually by clicking the Enter address manually blue text. It's important your address matches your card's billing address, especially if you're using Amex, as when you submit your payment, your address is checked against the card's registered address and if they don't match, your bank will decline the transaction.

Now, add My details; you need to complete this as legally, the receiving charity needs to be able to issue you with a receipt for your donation:

  • First name and Last name: Hopefully you know that information! These fields should represent the name of the donor - so if you're donating on behalf of someone else or your Company, you can input that information here if you wish
  • Email: We ask for this so your receipt can be sent. Don't worry - we're not adding you to any mailing lists, but legally, we need to send you a receipt for your donation
  • Sign up to Benojo to make it easier to give, or already have a profile? Sign in: You don't have to check this box unless you DO want to sign up to Benojo. It is an optional field, allowing you to create an account so as you can easily come back and review your donation, or give more quickly on Benojo in future.
    • If you don't have an account and want to create one, check this box. You'll be asked for your Company...this is also optional, and only applies if your Company have a Benojo account. If they do, type in the first few letters of your Company name and select them from the list...this means your donation will be captured within your company's giving metrics. If they don't, ignore this field. Then, Create a password, and confirm it for future logging-in purposes. You made an account, yay!
    • If you already have an account, click the blue Sign in text and complete your username and password, or Sign in with Facebook

Next is how do you want your donation to Display on the campaign page?: 

  • Hide my name from everyone but the campaign organiser and cause: Want to donate anonymously? That's cool....check this box and your identity won't be shown on the campaign page. Legally, the person whose campaign you've donated to, and the Cause receiving your donation, will receive your name in order that a receipt can be provided, but they aren't permitted to mail to you without your permission, except in relation to the campaign you've contributed to.
  • Hide my donation from everyone but the campaign organiser and cause: Happy for the campaign page to display your name, but not the amount you donated? Check this box and that's what'll happen. As above, the campaign organiser and Cause recipient will see the amount donated in order to issue your receipt.
  • Leave a message with your donation: Well done John! Run fast Jane! I'm so proud of you Muriel! Whatever you want to say to the campaign's organiser, here's your chance...add your message, and see how it will appear in the Preview. If you're a donor of few words, and want to let your donation speak for you, no problem...just leave it blank.

Lastly, there's an option at the bottom to cover fees for this transaction.  It's just a little extra to make sure that your chosen cause gets 100% of your donation.  If you're signed up as part of a company, your company is covering these fees on your behalf.

The last click is to hit Donate and you'll receive a confirmation of your donation on screen, and a receipt will follow by email within the hour.

Thanks for helping out a good Cause!