How to Volunteer

Volunteering on Benojo is as easy as putting up your hand and saying 'Me, pick me!' To volunteer, you do need to create a Benojo account - or sign in if you already have one - so as you can revisit your commitment, make changes to any questions asked when you sign up, and in order that the Cause you've volunteered with can get in touch with you about the opportunity.

First, you’ll need to register:

  • Head to, and Sign up as a user (or Sign in if you’re already registered on Benojo) – you can Register with Facebook if preferred. You’ll receive an email authentication link to your inbox straight away (check your junk if you have a sensitive mail client!) – click the link to confirm your email address.
  • On your very first visit to Benojo, you’ll be directed to set your Intentions for the year if you wish. A quick 2-screen Q&A, your selections will customise your home page to show things you tell us you care about. If you don’t wish to complete it, simply click the Benojo logo to go to the home page.

Now you’re all set to volunteer:

  • If you received a link to a campaign by email or social media, click the link to arrive at the campaign page. If not, you can browse campaigns or use the search box to find something or someone specific to give your time to. You can tell what type of campaign it is by the symbol on the red corner of the campaign card...a clock for volunteering, a dollar sign for donation, or a ticket for purchases or events.

enlightened Check out our Find volunteering opportunities page for tips on searching specifically for Volunteering opportunities on Benojo.

  • Once you're on a Volunteering campaign page, you'll see a big red Volunteer button - click it to make your commitment (if you're a company admin and want to set this up as a company event, see the Volunteer as a company guide
  • You'll be directed to a page displaying a summary of the volunteering details - it may include some questions from the organiser which you should complete to provide them with their requested information:
  • The last click is to hit Volunteer  again and you'll see confirmation of your commitment on screen. An email confirmation will also be sent to you, and if the organiser has chosen to, a calendar invite and associated email reminders one week and then one day before the event takes place. You'll also have the option to share the event with friends via Facebook or email if you wish.

enlightened Need to cancel? It's OK, it happens. Just head to the campaign page again and click the Contact organiser button to email and let the organiser know you can no longer make it. You can also find a link to the contact on your confirmation email and calendar invite, and can always navigate back to campaigns you've contributed to via your Benojo personal profile page (accessed from the home page or your named dropdown menu).

Thanks for helping out a good Cause!