Q: How does Benojo make money?

A: Good question! Unlike other platforms who offer, say, fundraising options, Benojo don’t make money by taking a cut of donations, or by charging charities to use our platform. We work on a corporate license fee model, meaning companies who use Benojo to manage their corporate giving pay essentially a software license fee to have access to our business features.

We also offer donors the options to add a 'tip' to their donation amount. Similar to other platforms in the giving space, when someone donates to a fundraising Campaign on Benojo, they are offered the option of adding a $1, $2 or $5 'tip' to their donation....or nothing at all. The default amount is $2 but this can be changed to whichever option the donor wishes.

Should a donor choose to add a small amount to their donation, this 'tip' goes to Benojo to help cover our hosting costs, ensuring Benojo remains free of charge for charities and causes. And that's one of our most important beliefs - that charities shouldn't have to pay to ask for - or manage - what they need.