Q: What if I am participating in an event and that event uses a different fundraising site?

A: What? Someone is using a site other than Benojo? They must be crazy! It’s OK, we get it...we’re new, people are still discovering us, and we’re still building out some of our features to make us even more awesome. We offer the ability to do a little of everything in one place right now...some platforms offer one thing - such as just fundraising - with more bells and whistles...for now. Did I mention we’re the cheapest on the market and that some fundraising platforms result in a charity losing up to $10 in every $100 donated in fees? And that’s not even counting upfront costs they’re charged for using the platform.

You can fundraise on whatever site you choose, even if the event has a partnership with another fundraising-only site. Just set up your campaign on Benojo, and when you’re all done, you can send your Benojo Campaign link to the Cause, who will have received your funds through Stripe. Easy...and admin-fee free. See our Example Campaigns section to see how to set up an event to raise funds for an event like this.