Set-up a Regular Giving donation

One of the most convenient and impactful ways to give to a Charity or Cause is through Regular Giving. This is where you set up a recurring donation payable from your debit or credit card, to be automatically debited at intervals set by you - daily, weekly or monthly.

Benefits of Regular Giving for individuals:

  • Convenience: Simply 'set and forget' your donation...once set-up, you don't have to take any further action, your giving occurs automatically inline with your wishes

  • Affordability: Spreading the financial impact of your giving out across a chosen time period makes giving more affordable

  • Impact: Your supported charity can better-plan knowing what revenue will be available when to fund their projects

  • Best use of time & effort: Frees up your charity to spend more time taking action, and communicating to you what impact your donations have made, rather than having to use their time to ask for funding

  • Cashflow: With over a third of individual donations being made around the Christmas period, the cyclical nature of giving can make covering operational costs outside of peak giving times challenging; regular giving helps even out these peaks and troughs and smooth out a charity's cashflow so they have money when they need it

  • Giving management: It's easier for both donors and charities to report what has been given and received

Setting up Regular Giving donations:

Regular Giving is set up via the Donate section of a Charity or Cause's profile page. First you'll need to find who you'd like to give to regularly:

  • If you've set your Goals for the year ahead, and/or completed your personal profile via your Settings-Profile menu option, your home page will automatically be curated to show you Causes of interest to you in the Give to your causes and Explore areas you care about grouped sections. Clicking on the beneficiary of any of these campaigns will take you to that Cause's profile page.

  • Search for them by name or keyword using the Search bar.

  • Click the Browse by area option from your menu or home page, and once you've clicked into an area - say, Aged Care - toggle to the Causes view to see available Causes.

  • Now you're on a Cause's profile page, click the big red Donate button.

  • Enter the amount you'd like to donate - note the minimum amount is $10 - and under Frequency, toggle from the defaulted One off donation to Recurring donation. You'll then need to complete the Recurring details information, starting with how frequently you'd like the donation to be made - select Day, Week or Month: 

  • Enter your payment details and billing address where your card is registered, and click the red Donate button. You'll see a thank you confirmation screen:

  • A donation will be made immediately, and will be made again at every payment interval you specified. So if you entered $10 every month, $10 will be debited fro your card now, and subsequent donations of $10 will be made on the same day (or closest business day) each month until you make any changes. 

  • You will be emailed a receipt for your initial donation, and for each subsequent donation. As per ATO rules, if your donation is $2 or more, it is tax deductible.

  • Want to give to more Causes in this way? Just repeat the process to add any additional donations to the Causes you care about.

enlightenedCan't find the Donate button on your Cause's profile page? If you don't see this option, it means your chosen Cause isn't yet set up to receive funds by debit or credit card. You can click on the Contact button on the right of the page to email them advising you'd like to give to them. 

enlightenedCan't find the Cause you're looking for using the above search methods? Simply complete our Suggest a cause form - found via your dropdown menu - and we'll reach out and invite them to join's always free for charities to join and use Benojo and we don't take any cut of your donation in fees. 

Managing Regular Giving donations

  • Want to view or delete your regular giving contribution/s? No problem - head to your dropdown menu and under your Settings menu you'll see a Recurring payments tab, where you can view details of any donations you have set-up.

  • To delete your regular giving contribution, simply expand the arrow and click the blue Cancel button. Confirm you'd like to Cancel your pledge, and your debit will be cancelled:

  • The status of this recurring payment will also update to show Cancelled: