What is Benojo?

So....what is Benojo?

Benojo is the place to connect, collaborate, donate, volunteer and measure social impact, supported by advice and resources designed to ensure everyone - businesses, charities, and individuals - can achieve their social impact and giving goals.


As a Business, Benojo helps you manage corporate giving, payroll giving, volunteering programs, donations and fundraising easily, efficiently, sustainably and cost effectively through a blended offering of technology and consulting services, all in one place and for one fee. With real-time reporting, you can track and manage exactly what your employees care about, and what your business cares about too. Through onboarding and consulting services, we can help you develop your social strategy, choose the right, strategic community partners, and manage your programs with less admin, pain and cost.


As a Charity or Cause, our goal is to make good easy. For this reason we never charge not-for-profits to be part of Benojo. It is completely free with no registration or annual fees, no admin costs, and Australia's lowest fundraising processing gateway, Stripe, at 1.75% (1.4% for registered charities) + 30c per transaction. Outside the Stripe fees, there is NO cut taken from your donations. We also give your supporters the option to cover those fees as part of their contribution to help lower the costs for you.

You can post, manage and share fundraising campaigns, volunteers, create ticketed or RSVP events, receive payroll giving donations and track company donations (such as corporate grants and matching) too, all with real-time reporting.              


As an Individual, welcome to your one-stop place to do good. At Benojo, you can create your own personal giving profile, where you can track, manage and share your personal giving profile and activities. You probably have a social profile like Facebook, maybe a business one too such as LinkedIn...consider Benojo your giving profile. 


You can browse for ways to get Involved, offer time, skills and/or donations to charities who align with your own personal areas of interest. You can set up a fundraising campaign to raise money for causes you care about. And you can be confident that ALL your money is going to the cause you want to support and is not lost in admin or membership fees. 


Did you know that the use of some fundraising platforms results in a charity losing up to $10 in every $100 donated in fees? And that’s not even counting upfront costs charged for using the platform. We call that ‘giving waste’. We want to reduce that waste so more money goes to where it’s intended, and where it can do most good. 


For more information, check out our site at benojo.com